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World class R&D resources within your reach

access to

stem labs

Faculty laboratory facilities in the STEM fields with their equipment may be accessible for use by companies, as part of a collaborative project over a wide range of product R&D applications, or in order for company personnel to learn the proper use of such facilities. The Sensor CAT can serve as a portal to Stony Brook University for companies who may be interested in learning what facilities may be available and relevant to their interests. An authorized use of Sensor CAT co-funding to a project may be purchase of equipment for use in the project.

faculty collaboration

The Sensor CAT can help evaluate opportunities for solving technology product problems via collaborative R&D with Stony Brook University faculty members.

  • Collaborative product R&D with leading experts, to:
    • Refine/upgrade products
    • Train future employee prospects
    • Implement a company patent and/or generate new IP backing products
    • Work with inventor of licensed SBU IP
  • Proof of concept tests aiding contract or grant proposals White Papers, investor presentations
  • Joint proposals; proposal support letters

Expert Business Advice

Based upon successful international entrepreneurship and diverse business contacts, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Lawrence Weber, Ph.D., may assist entrepreneurs in the various aspects of both developing and sustaining a successful business including strategic contract review, partnership identification, and venture capital funding.

partnership facilitation

The Sensor CAT provides a portal to Stony Brook University intellectual resources, facilities, and programs. We are here to ease your way to evaluating if there is a campus match to your business needs.


Companies and inventors selected for participating in the Entrepreneur in Residence program also can gain a sense of partnership as the Sensor CAT takes common cause with you in selected off campus funding, product testing, and prospective partnering situations where we think we can help while staying out of the way. Government and private sector proposal facilitation are another form of partnership by the Sensor CAT.

Material Support of Company-Faculty Collaborations

The Sensor CAT material project support can result is project costs in the area of half the usual academic scale.

matching project funds

At its discretion, the Sensor CAT may co-fund portion(s) of a project. Thus, the cost of a project to a company is reduced or. Alternatively, for the same input of funds by a company a larger project is obtained. From a faculty member’s perspective it may mean a greater likelihood of securing the project.

overhead reduction

The institutional overhead for a given project are mandated at an additional 57 cents on the dollar. However, SBU charges a project selected for support by the Sensor CAT only 15 cents on the dollar, very competitive as against corporate overhead.

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