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Vladimir Samuilov, Ph.D. 1(631) 632-4736
Zamfira Abutalibova, Ph.D. 1(631) 632-4736  










Areas of research expertise:
- Physics and applications of nano materials (nano- and mesoscopic self-assembled systems: carbon nanotubes, nano-dots), nanodevices, nano-sensors (sensors of humidity and icing conditions, sensors of low concentrations of gases, nano-biosensors).
- Electrical Characterization of Nanomaterials in Magnetic Fields and in a wide temperature range,
- Carbon related materials: Carbon nanotubes, diamond-like carbon
- Energy related materials. Energy Storage,
- Problems of Nano-Bio-Interfaces,
- Experimental Condensed Matter and Materials Physics,
- Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics in Solids/ Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices.

Experimental analytical equipment:
- Low temperature probe station,
- Variable temperature and magnetic field insert,
- Closed cycle He optical cryostat,
- Resistive magnet: bore gap 100mm, 2 T,
- Experimental setups for sensors characterization,
- High voltage, high vacuum ion- and e-beam sources test equipment.

Technological and processing equipment:

- Diamond-like carbon deposition system VEECO (diamond films, a-C, a-Si, Si, metal deposition),
- High vacuum processing chambers (thermal deposition, e-beam, ion-beam),
- High temperature furnace with inert gas atmosphere,
- High voltage, high vacuum experimental setup for cathode and ion sources testing.

Sensor CAT
Laboratory of Low Dimensional Materials and Nanosensors
Suffolk Hall, Room 118,124
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6217










Sensor CAT
Suffolk Hall, Room 115B
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6217