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Michael Gouzman, Ph.D. 1(631) 632-8481 mig[at]
Vladislav Kuzminsky, Ph.D. 1(631) 632-1636 vkuzminsky[at]
Dmitry Gavrilov, Ph.D.    
William Cheng, M.S.    
Vladimir Smagin, M.S.    
Anatoli Borodin, M.S.    
Michael Shwartz    

... SENSORS ...

  1. Optoelectronic sensors
    1. Photon counters
    2. Fluorescent detectors
    3. Gas detectors
  2. Accelerometer based sensors
    1. Low "G" sensors for medical applications
    2. High "G" sensors for industrial and military applications
  3. USB sensors
    1. ADC
      1. Single channel 16-bit ADC with USB interface
      2. Six channel 16-bit ADC with USB interface
      3. Six channel electrically insulated 16-bit differential ADC with USB interface
    2. SPI-to-USB converters
      1. Single channel SPI-to-USB converter
      2. 16 channel SPI-to-USB converter
    3. Gas flow meter with USB interface
    4. Gas valves with USB interface
    5. Electrical loader with USB interface
    6. Current meter with insulated USB interface
    7. Current meter (ampermeter) for USB device
  4. Wireless sensors
  5. PoF (Powered over Fiber) sensors
  6. Ultralow Power sensors
  7. Self Powered sensors
  8. Microcontroller based multi-sensor data acquisition systems

... SYSTEMS ...

  1. Sensors networks
    1. USB based sensor networks
    2. Wired Ethernet based sensor networks
    3. Wireless Ethernet based sensor networks
    4. Mobile Ethernet based sensor networks
    5. PoF (Powered over Fiber) sensor networks
  2. Distributed Databases and Web
  3. Self-organized wireless networks
  4. Mixed Digital and Analog Systems


  1. "Novel type of gamma detector"
  2. "Muscle activity analyzer"
  3. "Gas detectors"





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