Low Dimensional Materials and Nanosensors Lab

Areas of Research Expertise

  • Physics and applications of nano materials:
    • Nano and mesoscopic self-assembled systems: Carbon nanotubes, nano-dots
    • Nanodevices
    • Nano-sensors: Sensors of humidity and icing conditions, sensors of low concentrations of gases, nano-biosensors
  • Electrical Characterization of Nanomaterials in Magnetic Fields and in a wide temperature range
  • Carbon related materials: Carbon nanotubes, diamond-like carbon
  • Energy related materials
  • Energy Storage
  • Problems of Nano-Bio-Interfaces
  • Experimental Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
  • Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics in Solids/ Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices


Experimental Analytical Equipment

  • Low temperature probe station
  • Variable temperature and magnetic field insert
  • Closed cycle He optical cryostat
  • Resistive magnet: bore gap 100mm, 2 T
  • Experimental setups for sensors characterization
  • High voltage, high vacuum ion- and e-beam sources test equipment


Technological and Processing Equipment

  • Diamond-like carbon deposition system VEECO (diamond films, a-C, a-Si, Si, metal deposition)
  • High vacuum processing chambers (thermal deposition, e-beam, ion-beam)
  • High temperature furnace with inert gas atmosphere
  • High voltage, high vacuum experimental setup for cathode and ion sources testing

Our STEM Labs

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